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Note: There are a few misspellings--I left this as it was written.

"If we are to believe that banning lipstick and the clack of high heels will prevent sexual assault then we must assume that these things encourage sexual assault. Of course we also have to ignore the fact that sexual assault and rape is not about sex but instead about using power and force over another person. Now if we believe that something as simple as lipstick or heels is all that it takes to excites men to the point of committing sexual assault what are saying about men in general? Do we really believe that they are such savage animals that the slightest thing will drive them to commit assault?

It is often said that feminists hate men, that feminists try to claim that all men are rapists and not to be trusted. Yet stories such as this remind us that it is not feminism that accuses men of such, it is often the very patriarchal societies themselves. When they say that women must hide themselves away, not do this or that, and need to be careful not to do anything to tempt men the flip side of that is that men are so sex driven and irrational that they are ready to attack at any moment.

While it is true that the vast majority of rapists are men, the vast majority of men are not rapists. Unfortunately when surrounded with the constant message that they are it can cause men to absorb that message. Just like constantly telling someone they are worthless makes them believe they are, constantly telling an entire culture of men that they are such savage animals that they would rape at the slightest hint of lipstick sinks in and makes many truly believe it.

When feminists fight the rape culture we are not saying that men are rapists and animals. In contrast by bringing to light examples like this and expecting men to rise above this we are complimenting you. We are saying that we know you are rational, capable human beings. We know that you are not a savage animal controlled by lust. We know that you can be more than the cultural image of men portrayed by patriarchal societies. And because we know that men can do better we expect you to do so.

If that's not love, I don't know what it."

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